Contact Lenses

Lenscape Optical carries a wide range of different contact lenses from leading brands to suit your budget and lifestyle. Select one of our contact lenses for better vision, or experiment with coloured contact lenses. To get the kind of eyes eye colour you’ve always wanted, from green to light brown and more. We also offer revolutionary Ortho K lenses, which are corrective lenses that correct your vision at night to give you clear vision throughout the day.

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Types of lenses
we offer

Contact lenses can be quite convenient for day to day wear, especially when you’re going for a run or at the gym. Lenscape offers lenses that are perfect for short-term and long term wear. Our optometrists can help you figure out what types of lenses are best for your eyes. We offer a huge range of contact lens brands and types to suit most prescriptions, including:

What is the process?

These are our steps to help you find your perfect contact lenses.

Eye test

You first need to visit us and go through a comprehensive eye test. Once one of our optometrists is aware of any vision problems you may or may not have, only then will we proceed.

What’s suitable?

Once you complete an eye test, we will be able to determine whether you need powered/ prescription lenses or just normal lenses.

Assist you

Our Optometrists will also show you how to insert contact lenses in the eye if you’re doing it for the first time. We also help you with the steps to maintain your contact lenses.

It is understandable that inserting something in your eye on purpose seems very awkward. However, we are here to help you go through that feeling.

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