Paediatric Optometrist Melbourne

When it comes to your family’s eye health, nothing comes close to the personalised care Lenscape provide. We’re dedicated to making sure your children can experience life without limitations, with a range of tailored eye care solutions. If you’re looking for a Paediatric optometrist Melbourne, our optometrists have extensive experience working with children. Book an appointment today and get personalised eye care for your child.

paediatric optometrist melbourne

Vision Correction for Kids

Children’s eyes require regular care, with their vision changing and developing constantly throughout childhood. The wrong vision correction, or none at all, can impact your child’s ability to play, learn and even interact with the world around them. Our optometrists take into account every aspect of your child’s vision, such as existing and potential eye issues, if vision correction is necessary and what sort, and overall eye health.

Ortho K

One of our most popular vision correction options is Ortho K, a revolutionary technology designed as an alternative to glasses and daytime contacts. Instead of being worn during the day, Ortho K is worn at night. The lenses slowly reshape your vision as you sleep, providing the wearer with clear vision during the day!

We often recommend Ortho K for kids, as they can both maintain and promote correct eye development in the right conditions. We’ve seen great successes in limiting the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) and even reversing it in some cases! If Ortho K sounds like something you may be interested in, book an appointment with our optometrists today to learn if your child is eligible.

Comprehensive Eye Tests

Using specialised tools and tests designed for children we can get accurate results easily. We know getting an eye test for the first time can be difficult, and even scary for many kids. It’s why our eye tests are designed to be easy, stress-free and entertaining. If your child has trouble seeing, focusing their eyes, tracking objects or simply doesn’t like glasses we can provide solutions to keep them seeing clearly.

lenscape optical paediatric optometrist
paediatric optometrist lenscape optical

Children’s Vision Problems

There is a range of vision problems that are common in children. If your child has any of these symptoms, they may have problems with their vision and require eye care:

  • Eye rubbing
  • Headaches
  • Sitting too close to screens or books
  • Problems with night vision
  • Difficulty reading
  • Regularly sore or tired eyes
  • Blurred or double vision

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Based in Manor Lakes, Werribee, Lenscape is your local family optometrist. No matter where your child is at with their vision, we can provide you with the services you need. We have a range of Paediatric optometrist Melbourne services available. Book an eye test with our optometrists today and give your eyes the care they deserve.