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Ortho K

Imagine correcting your vision while you sleep. No surgery, no wearing glasses all the time, just a good night’s rest. Orthokeratology (Ortho K) can do that for you. At Lenscape we offer effective eye care solutions for you and your family. With Ortho K lenses you can improve your eyesight overnight without the downsides of glasses or daytime contact lenses. Book an appointment for an Ortho K Melbourne consultation with one of our expert optometrists and learn more about this procedure.

What Are Ortho K Lenses?

Ortho K treatment involves wearing a special type of contact lens. This lens is gas permeable, keeping your eyes healthy overnight as you sleep. During your sleep, the lenses correct your vision by reshaping your cornea, allowing you to see clearly for the day. All you need to do the next morning is to remove the lenses and carry on with your day. These lenses allow you to see more clearly and to carry out activities like driving or sports with much more ease; you won’t face vision problems when you use orthokeratology. Choose Lenscape for further advice about Ortho K Melbourne.

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Why do you need Ortho K Melbourne?

If you’re short or longsighted, Ortho K lenses may be the perfect solution for your vision problems. Unfortunately, Ortho K wont work for everyone, and is only prescribed in certain situations. We’ve seen great success correcting refractive errors such as shortsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and hyperopia, all to varying degrees depending on the person. It can also be used as an effective solution for presbyopia. By slowly and softly reshaping the cornea, Ortho K can even be effective in slowing the progression of childhood myopia.

Ideally, the effects of the lenses last for a day or two which is why we suggest that you wear the lenses every night for longer-lasting effects.

Refractive errors

Such as shortsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and hyperopia.


Ortho K can also be used as an effective solution for presbyopia, also known as long-sightedness.

Childhood myopia

Also known as “corneal reshaping contact lenses,” Ortho K can be an effective treatment to slow the progression of childhood myopia.

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The Ortho K Melbourne Process

Our Ortho K fitting procedure is simple. We start with an eye test to get an idea of where you’re at and whether Ortho K lenses are a good fit for you. Next, we take your measurements, mapping your cornea with precision to ensure good results. Over the next two weeks your lenses will be manufactured, after which you’ll receive them and our optometrist will guide you on usage and care.

Finally your lenses are ready to use. Simply put them in when you go to bed that night and wake up with clear vision! Remember, results can vary depending on the individual, but many of our clients experience restoration to 20/20 vision with 1-2 nights wearing their lenses.

If you find your Ortho K lenses haven’t helped your vision, don’t worry! Your eye’s are tougher than they look, and will revert back to their natural shape, usually within 2 weeks. After your eyes have settled you’ll be able to wear glasses and day-contacts again.

Corneal Refraction Therapy (CRT)

You may have also heard the term Corneal Refraction Therapy (CRT) which involves the same process as Ortho K. CRT, also known as Paragon Z CRT, involves technically advanced contact lenses that have been created by Paragon Vision Sciences as an alternative eye correction method that is less invasive than laser eye surgery and more convenient than wearing glasses or contacts during the day.

In the late 1950s, it was discovered that the shape of the cornea can affect the way light is refracted while attempting to process images to send to the brain. Using CRT, the cornea can be reshaped temporarily to ensure it is transferring light to the retina correctly, providing you with improved vision. If you’re unsure of which vision correction therapy is right for you or your child, speak with one of our dedicated and experienced optometrists.

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Choose Lenscape for Ortho K Melbourne

Lenscape offers bulk billed eye tests when you come into our stores. You can book an appointment for a full consultation with one of our optometrists today. We can help you with any vision problems you or your family may be facing. As one of the leading providers of Ortho K Melbourne, we can help you correct your vision, and even prevent it from getting any worse in many cases. Book an appointment or visit our store today.