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Visit Lenscape today and discover what an experienced optometrist can do for you. At Lenscape, we provide a personalised optometry service, helping you get the best eye care possible. Our optometrists can guide you through our comprehensive eye test, mapping out each part of your eye health to find the best solution for any problems you may be having, and identify any potential issues that could develop. We’re the optometrist Truganina trusts for professional eye care. Visit us today or book your comprehensive eye test online.

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Eye Care For Children

Out of everyone, children are the ones who need eye care the most. As they grow their eyes change and develop quickly, and any undiagnosed issues can quickly become problematic. Many children have undiagnosed vision problems, and may struggle in day to day life. Our optometrists have created a range of tests designed to help kids get the most accurate results in an eye exam. We can help your child to get the best eye care possible, and ensure they can see clearly now and into the future.

Our Optometrist Truganina Services

We offer a range of services designed to get you the best possible eye care. Whether you wear glasses or contacts currently or have never had an eye test before, Lenscape makes it simple for you to get the eye care you need. Our range of service includes:


Lenscape can fit you for new glasses or fit your current glasses frames with new lenses. There are several options for lenses available, including blue light and transition lenses. We also have a wide range of glasses frames available in-store for you to view and try on.

Contact Lenses

If you need contact lenses our optometrists can fit you for lenses and keep you supplied with contact lenses. We also have coloured contacts for people looking to change up their style.

Ortho K

Ortho K is the latest in vision correction, providing you with clear vision throughout the day without the need for glasses. Simply wear the specially fitted and designed contact lenses overnight and they will gently reshape your eyes to see clearly through the day. To find out if you’re eligible for ortho k book a consultation today.

Comprehensive Eye Tests

Regular eye tests are important for maintaining eye health and identifying any potential problems early so they can be treated easier. We run you through a range of simple tests to get a complete picture of your eye health and provide you with the best possible eye care.

Visit the Leading Optometrist Truganina

If you’re debating whether you need vision correction or not, come in and see the specialists at Lenscape. If you have Medicare you’re eligible for a bulk billed comprehensive eye test. More than just fitting you for glasses, we can detect and diagnose a range of issues including Glaucoma, Cataracts, Astigmatism and even Macular Degeneration. We Provide services across all Melbourne like Lara, Deer Park and Point Cook. Book your eye test and visit the experts at Lenscape today.

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