Lenscape is here to provide you with the finest eyecare solutions. Located in Manor Lakes, our store is here to help you get the best treatment for your eyes. We have a team of optometrists who have been practicing for many years. They have the knowledge and experience to give your eyes the care it deserves.

Shop T33, Manor Lakes Shopping Centre
455 Ballan Road, Manor Lakes
Phone: 9974 1670

Did you know?

That 90% of people who work on computers on a daily basis develop some sort of vision problem. The best way to prevent problems with your eyes is to get them checked regularly every 1-2 years. If you're above the age of 40 then an annual checkup for your eyes is necessary.

Eye checkups are not just beneficial for you but also for your family. Approximately 60% of children are considered 'problem learners' due to faulty vision. We have a team of optometrists who can help your child get their vision to be perfect with certain lifestyle changes.