Eye Care

Your eyes are an extremely important part of your life and taking care of them should be your top priority. Perfect your eye care routine with the help of Lenscape. We can provide regular eye checkups for you and your family, helping you track and maintain your eye health. Our team of expert optometrists is here to ensure that your eyes get the treatment they need. We also provide professional advice and ways you can keep your eye health in check. Our goal is to provide the finest eye care practices for all our customers and ensure your eyes remain safe no matter what.

Take Care Of Your Eyes With Lenscape

Our team of optometrists have many years of experience and understand the importance of maintaining a regular eye care regime. After a thorough eye checkup, all our customers can have a one-on-one chat with our eye specialists, who will help you plan your eye care. There are certain important things to remember when it comes to eye care. These include:

Protect your eyes from UV rays

Ultraviolet rays are not good for your skin or eyes; it can lead to major eye diseases such as cataracts or macular degeneration. Protecting your eyes with sunglasses that can block UV rays is the best option. It will keep your eyes protected from UV rays and UV lights.

Eye injuries

These are more common than you think. The smallest of accidents involving your eye can become very dangerous. When working with glass or even things such as mowing the lawn, always wear protective glasses for your eyes. If required, we may also take out foreign bodies from the eye.

Get regular eye tests

This should come as no surprise. Getting your eyes regularly checked will ensure that you are keeping your eyes out of harm’s way. It also makes sure that if there is a problem with your eyes, you’ll be able to catch it at a much earlier stage. This makes it easier to cure, especially when it comes to faulty vision.

Good Diet

This may seem like a cliché but a good diet will ensure that your eyes remain perfect. Having your fair share of vitamins, fibers, iron, and calcium is very important to maintain your general as well as eye health.

Why Choose Lenscape?

Lenscape provides easy eye care solutions for adults and children alike. From grandparents to grandkids, we are here to provide eye tests for all the family members. We believe in making eye care a lifestyle choice rather than an absolute necessity. Our goal is to make eyeglasses more approachable and stylish instead of just a way to correct your vision. Getting your eyes checked by the optometrist when a problem has already developed is the last thing we want. We want eye care and visits to the optometrists to be a part of your lifestyle, and to help you keep your eyes at their best.

Visit Our Store!

Visit Lenscape for a bulk billed eye test for you and the family. Through Medicare we can provide a comprehensive eye test at a drastically reduced cost to you. Our optometrists can help you out with the smallest of eye problems you might be facing. With a passion for eyecare, we make sure the process is stress-free guiding you through from start to finish to get you the best results. At the same time, we can also provide professional advice as to what you should do to maintain your eye health. Just visit our store and talk to our friendly optometrists to get started today!

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