Our experts can help find the perfect pair of glasses to fit your face. We offer a wide range of brands and frames to choose from, which are both comfortable and stylish. Our frames are engineered with leading technology to give you highly durable and sturdy glasses. Moreover, our fitting experts will also advise you on how to maintain your glasses to ensure they last even longer than normal.


The perfect frame for your face!

We offer different types of frames to choose from. Choose a frame of your liking or ask our experts to help you select the frame that suits you best. Select from different types of frame styles and materials and find the ones you like! Here are the different frame styles we offer:

What material is right for you?

While the frame style matters because of the way it looks on your face, the material of the frame is even more important. Your skin can sometimes be sensitive to certain materials; if the glasses are to be worn for longer periods, it is important to make sure the material suits your skin. You can select from a range of different types of frame materials available in our store.


One of the more popular ones because of its lightweight and bridge fittings. They are quite comfortable and come in a huge range of colours making them perfect for people who wear glasses full-time.

Memory metal

These are quite sturdy, lightweight and flexible at the same time. Their sturdiness makes them a good fit for people with an active lifestyle.

Monel metal

Quite lightweight and corrosion-resistant material. This is one of the most popular materials as it comes in various colours as well.

Titanium and stainless steel

If you’re looking for glasses that can survive for years and years, these are the perfect ones. Extremely strong, lightweight and reliable even in humid conditions.

Escape eye problems with Lenscape

Lenscape provides leading eye care services for adults and children. Visit us today for a bulk billed eye test and get a consultation with highly skilled and experienced optometrists. If you do need a new pair of glasses for yourself or for your child, we have got you covered. Choose a pair from our wide selection of glasses for people of any age. Come visit us today or book an appointment for a consultation.