Style and function is our motto when it comes to our range of sunglasses. You have the option of choosing from a wide variety of brands for your sunglasses. We stock frames of all kinds and shades that are perfect for the fashionista in you. We also offer prescription sunglasses for those needing vision correction. Come visit our store today and select the frames you want!


Quality and style – sunglasses for all!

Lenscape has a wide variety of fashionable frames for adults, young adults, and children, all of which are hand-picked and high-quality. If you’d like, our team can help you to choose the right sunglasses for your needs. Our experienced team knows exactly what frame will suit your face shape.

There is something for everybody. If you are looking for a particular brand or style just let us know, and our team will get you the sunglasses of your choice in no time. We want you to pick a style that represents you, and if you are confused about what your look should be, just let us know and we will help you out.

The best quality you can get!

Finest engineering technology

Made using the finest engineering technology, the frames we provide are high quality and quite durable.

Premium-grade high tech materials

With premium-grade high tech materials such as acetates and titanium, the sunglasses you get at Lenscape can last you a lifetime.

Tougher frames

You can also choose tougher frames with a variety of different designs, shapes, colours, and textures for you to choose from. We have a range of sunglasses from different brands that offer a wide variety of frame designs.

Prescription & transitional

When you get sunglasses from Lenscape, you have the option to get prescription sunglasses, with single, bifocal and multifocal lenses. You can also opt to get transition lenses as an add-on for any lenses, turning your glasses into sunglasses when exposed to the sun.

Brands to choose from

We have a range of sunglasses from different brands and offer a wide variety of frame designs.

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Buy a new pair of sunglasses for yourself or for the entire family. Lenscape offer a wide range of sunglasses for kids, teenagers and adult. Amp your style quotient with our fashionable frames, and show off your style everywhere you go. From Gucci to Paul Hueman, you can get any brand of sunglasses at our store. Visit us today and discover a world of glasses!